Parking Reservation System .

PARKRES platform and launch of PARKING future


We are a young, innovative company driven by the passion for technology and customer satisfaction. We believe that the sharing economy can help cities become friendlier, cleaner and happier for everyone.

  • Improved Parking Solutions
  • PARKRES let customer Find and Reserve parking spot on the click of a button
  • PARKRES will help reduce traffic situations in downtown, hospitals and airports etc.
  • PARKRES will help reducing fuel consumption and protecting environment.
  • PARKRES system give smart notifications to customers, which provides real time alerts of all available parking spots and location around them.
  • Easy mode of payment via PARKRES tokens and FIAT currency.
  • Discounted parking rates with PARK tokens.
  • Dividend plans for dividend token holders
  • PARKRES let user register their open/free parking spot on PARKRES ecosystem and monetize their free space. Its like parking Airbnb

Challenges With Parking

Non User-Centric

Customer have to circle around parking in search of an open space, which results in significant loss of time, and energy in time sensitive situations.

Unmanaged and

Inefficient management and monitoring systems leading to waste of valuable time and fuel.

Payment takes
too long

Long waiting queues for parking payment due to limited and inefficient payment consoles and technical problem.

Traffic Problems and

Traffic issues due to secondary parking traffic in city centres. Unnecessary use of fuel causing environmental problems.



PARKRES solves all of these problems by state of the art sensory network to track and manage parking spots across the city and different parking locations. It employs IoT (Internet of Things) based sensory network to track and monitor the parking spots across different parking location and suggest you a parking spot closest to your destination in advance.

PARKRES also let you find and reserve your parking spot, so you don’t lose it when you reach your destinations.

PARKRES Network Components

Parking Cluster

It’s a mesh of multiple parking facilities across a city. Each city is divided into a cluster. Similarly there will be multiple clusters for different cities. Each cluster will talk to a dedicated gateway and network server. These parking clusters will be equipped with IoT sensors and transponder network, which communicates parking spot change events to gateway.

Parking Console

It’s a electronic device that would read Universal Identification Number from user’s device. UIN will be in the form of a QR code. User’s PARK wallet address will serve as their UIN on Parkres network. Parking Console will scan the UIN and presents a touch screen with available parking spot for selection and reservation. Once User selects a spot, a transaction will be triggered to contract on blockchain.


Data center will be hosted on cloud. It will store the metadata and transactional data received from different gateway modules and software components. Data is stored and read from cloud via big data, queryplex framework. This will serve as a source for Business Analytics and Telemetry for business development and expansion.

Smart Contract

PARK smart contracts, written in solidity, controls the transactions performed during parking reservation. Smart contract will hold the parking charges once the user scans UIN at the parking location or at the start of the reservation slot. When User leaves the parking spot, Sensors activates the network and triggers a confirmation to contract, contract then transfers the amount equivalent to parking time used to PARK wallet and reverses any access amount back to user wallet.

IoT / Sensor Gateway

Gateway is a device, which is capable of receiving all the IoT and Sensor communications. Sensor network from parking facility will communicate the event data to gateway. Gateway then feeds this to network servers in batches.


Adapter is a software component, which provides capability of data transformation, orchestration, data enrichment, data translation, aggregation, routing and data massaging. Different devices on network talking different technologies can communicate through adapter.


Devices can be mobiles devices like iPhone, Samsung etc. or Desktop, Laptop, Tablets, which will allow users to perform parking discovery, reservations and required transactions.

Network Servers

Network Servers receives the data and events from different systems in the network and store them over to cloud. They form the backbone of the ecosystem. Every data transaction directly or indirectly goes through Network Servers.

Many Opportunities of Investment

    Parkres Investing
    Parkres trading
    Parkres Staking
  • MINE
    Parkres Mining

Token Information

Token Symbol:


Token Standard:

ERC20 (Ethereum)

Tokens Issued:

200 000 000 PARK

Tokens available for ITO:

85 000 000 PARK

May 1st to July 15th (Private Sale):

10 000 000 PARK

Aug 15th to Sep 15th (Pre-ITO sale):

20 000 000 PARK

Nov 1st to Nov 30th (Public sale):

55 000 000 PARK


70% bonus - Private sale
15% bonus – Pre-ITO
10% - Referral Bonus

Token price at launch of sale:

1 PARK = 0.5 USD




Funds Allocation

Token Allocation


Q1 2018
Assembling the co-founding team and developing initial idea.


Q2 2018
Building Development and marketing team, Creating first draft of white paper, Launch of Private Sale for private investors.


Q3 2018
Internal testing of alpha version- Tokens, Signing initial partners and customers, Releasing of smart contracts, Approching first customers, Start of Pre-ITO Sale event.


Q4 2018
Completion of croundfunding event, Token distribution, Negotiate Listing on exchanges, Partnership with scalable blockchains.


Q2 2019
Release of open source SDK Contracts, Building of ecosystem with development community participation, Start of mobile app developments for Android, IOS and web Interface.


Q4 2019
Launch of Beta mobile apps, Start of Design and development of IOT gateway modules.


Q1 2020
Launch of Alpha version for mobile apps, Development of IOT gateway modules, Prototype development and test implimentation.


Q4 2020
Integration of systems, Wallet backend, IOT analytics, Assembly of Parking Reading Consoles.


Q3 2021
Contract Negotiation with customers, Installation of Reading Consoles, End to End Testing of Consoles and application.


Q4 2022
Luanch of Phase 1- Product in Canada, North America, Instalation of reading consoles on parking loacations, roadshows and bussiness development.


Q2 2023
R & D center canada, India. System improvements and setup of Architecture university. Start of Traffic updates console in PARKRES.


Q4 2023
Lauch of traffic update feature in PARKRES. Start of LPALMS platform development.


Q4 2024
Launch of LPALMS platform, to users. Performance tuning and infrastrucure upgrade for PARKRES platform. Roadshows and business devlopment events.


Q3 2025
R&D Center USA, Phillippines. Integration of Parkres apis into vehical GPS modules, Negotiation of contracts and licensing terms with car manufacturers.


Parkres Security

  • Cold Storage

  • Institutional-Grade Security

  • Least Privileged Access


Fiat currency will be accepted.
The decentralized PARKRES ledger will function solely with the native PARK token. Fiat is accepted only to provide an easier way for inexperienced users to directly purchase the digital token on the marketplace at the time of the park booking (instead of going through an exchange and buying Ethereum first). The decentralized backend/engine that handles the bookings, and all transactions between clients and hotels will operate solely in PARK.
PARK token is a digital/software utility product which is not a security and which does not provide any ownership rights. It is a way for you to book a parking spot on our website or mobile App.You can either buy the PARK in advance, or at the moment of placing an order for a parking spot listing from our marketplace.
Holding a PARK Token is not an Investment in securities (ie shares or debt of a company). PARK Token is the payment mean for participating as a driver or parking owner in the PARKRES Reservation Platform.
The overall demand and supply of PARK Tokens in the market will  determine the underlying value against FIAT or other Currencies. Nevertheless this will not influence the actual price in FIAT that someone will pay for the parking.
Some of you may buy PARK Tokens with a view of investing towards a future appreciation of the PARK Token exchange values. Although this is not the primary scope of the PARK Token you are free to do it, if you wish.
To build wealth over time, investors need to accept certain levels of risk. The main general risks associated with investing are as follows:
  • Investments risks
    Market value of investments may go down as well as up, even if the quality of your investment remains the same. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.
  • Political risks
    Factors such as monetary restrictions, war conflicts, coups and racial and national tensions create political instability in countries. Political instability can significantly influence a project’s ability to generate earnings.
    Government economic policies of any country may lead to challenging macroeconomic environment for projects.
  • Legal risk
    Many countries don’t have the legal systems necessary for the proper and efficient regulation of digital assets. This may include the non-existence or limited functioning of Market Regulators, incomplete legislation and regulations pertaining to the crypto currency capital markets and no or limited investor compensation schemes. There is therefore a high degree of legal uncertainty as to the nature and extent of investor’s rights and the ability to enforce those rights.
  • Taxation
    Tax law and practice is not clearly established for crypto currency market and there is significant uncertainty as to the position of investors (local or international) in many Countries. It is possible therefore that a current interpretation of Tax law or practice may change or, indeed, that a specific Tax law may be changed with retrospective effect. An investor could become subject to taxation that is not anticipated when Investments are made and this could impact the overall investment performance.
  • Liquidity risk
    Market liquidity risk – is inability of financial instrument to be converted into cash in the shortest possible time without significant change in value or increasing bid/ask spread. This type of risk is interdependent to holding concentration risk.
PARKRES will use a multi-signature wallet to store the raised funds.

Yes, we do. Please send your proposal to [email protected] and we will make sure to reach out to you by the end of the Token Sale if there is an opportunity for cooperation.

All transactions, from simple transfers to ITO smart contracts, require some amount of operations to perform. Each of these operations has an associated cost in gas. Thus, simple transactions like transfers will require less gas to perform than more intense smart contracts.
When transfering ETH from your wallet to the ETHEREUM Address provided by the token sale platform you need to add certain amount for gas.
The recommended gas limit is 150 000 GAS which cost 0.00000002 Ether.
Parkres will accept BTC, ETH.




How to Purchase Parkres (PARK) Tokens?